Bikaner is situated in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This city is considered among the top tourist locations in India. If you want to unveil mesmerizing history of Rajput kings, you must visit at this city. There are lots of tourist attractions in Bikaner that lure visitors or tourists towards it. Tourists can see ancient temples, Havalies, forts, and palaces in Bikaner. Apart from historical monuments, forts and palaces, the city also offers distinct tourist attractions such as museum, world heritage sites and various other attractions for tourists. Let’s check out the top must-see tourist places in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

National Research Centre on Camel

It is certainly a great tourist place to visit when you decide to unveil the benefits of Rajasthan tour packages. It is a breeding farm that has more than 230 camels of three different breeds. National Research Centre on Camel is located in Bikaner city. It is open for tourists between 2.30 PM to 5PM on all working days. If you love unveiling the odd things at a museum, you should visit here. Another striking tourist attraction at this place is the ride of camel. This might be a reason why it is considered among the top tourist attractions in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

National Research Centre On Camel, Bikaner, Rajasthan

National Research Centre On Camel, Bikaner, Rajasthan | By user:Flicka (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

Whether you are going to visit in Jaipur or Bikaner, you aren’t supposed to ignore the significance of visiting at historical forts in Rajasthan. Junagarh Fort is considered among the top tourist attractions in Bikaner. If you want to see one of the best historical forts in Rajasthan, you should not forget visiting here. It was constructed in the year 1478 by King Rao Bika. However, the construction work of this historical fort was started by King Rao Bika, but the current fort was constructed during the kingdom of Raja Rai Singh and Karan Singh. Moreover, the later kings also greatly contributed to the decoration of this historical fort. Junagarh Fort houses palaces, temples and other royal structures. The artistically designed windows, courtyards, balconies, and other parts of fort simply attract every visitor towards them. The key attractions at Junagarh fort in Bikaner are Chandra Mahal, Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal, and Karan Mahal. If you want to unveil the beauty of Indian architecture, history and the glorious past of Rajput community, you must visit at Junagarh fort in Bikaner.

Sand Dunes Safari

Since this city is within great proximity of grand Thar Desert, the major tourist attraction at the city is Sand Dunes Safari. If you want to know what you should do in Bikaner, you must not forget trying this option. You may choose camels and jeeps for the exciting sand dune safari. You may also decide the duration of the safari as per your convenience. Apart from thrilling safari, you may also enjoy watching folk dance and music. Some of the hot tourist destinations at Bikaner are Phlodi, Balakaya Dhora, Khichan, and Raisar. So, if you want to make your journey to Rajasthan an interesting one, you must explore the possibilities of safari in Bikaner.

Sand Dunes Camer Safari

Sand Dunes Camer Safari | By Always urs0509 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Gajner Palace, Bikaner

Gajner Palace was the great residence of King Sir Ganga Singh of city Bikaner. Now, this historical building is used as a heritage hotel in Bikaner. It is located only 20km distance from Bikaner city. There is a mesmerizing lake known as Gajner Lake. So, if you are looking for royal stay in Rajasthan, you must book a room at this heritage hotel. This amazing historical structure is divided into various parts known as Champa Niwas, Gulab Niwas, Mandir Chowk, and Dungar Niwas. It is certainly one of the best tourist places to see in Bikaner.

Karni Mata Temple

If you want to visit at the top historical and religious places in Bikaner, you must visit at sacred Karni Mata Mandir or temple. This 15th century old temple is basically famous for the great population of mice. The main deity at this ancient temple is Karni Mata. According to Hindu mythology, Karni Mata is the incarnation of Hindu Goddess Durga. According to legend, it is believed that when the son of Karni Mata died, she asked Yama to restore the life of her son. But Yamraja refused her request. So, being the incarnation of Goddess Durga, Karni Mata made her son alive and ensured that in future her family members won’t die but they reincarnated in the form of tiny rats. This might be a reason why there are around 20,000 mice in this ancient temple. So, if you have keen interest in knowing the unknown history, religious myths and mystery in India, you must visit at Karni Mata temple at Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Le temple de Karni Mata

Le temple de Karni Mata | By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France (Le temple de Karni Mata (Deshnoke)) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Rampuria Haveli

Rampuria Haveli is regarded among the top tourist places to visit in Bikaner city. It is the fine specimen of Rajputana or Rajasthani architecture. Actually, it is a group of structures or Havelis. The famous Rampuria family constructed Rampuria Haveli during 15th of century. This historical building is made of sand stone and Dulmera. The building displays the amazing artistic skills. Tourists can get mesmerized by seeing woodwork, golden paintings, amazing artifacts, and other attractions at this building. If you want to unveil the beauty of a great building with the amalgamation of Rajputana, Victorian and Mughal architecture, you must visit at Rampuria Haveli in Bikaner.

The Royal Cenotaphs, Bikaner

The Royal Cenotaphs is royal cremation ground for a Royal family in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It is located 8km east of city Bikaner. The Royal Cenotaphs were constructed in the loving memory of royal members of Bikaner’s royal family. Here, tourists can see two separate structures of Cenotaphs that simply exhibit the architectural values of Rajputas. It is certainly a great option for visitors who want to unveil the architectural beauty of Mughal and Rajput kings. Some of the Cenotaphs are manufactures using Dulmera red colored sand stones. Moreover, visitors can also see marbled cenotaphs. One of the greatest attractions here is the grand cenotaph of King Anup Sing (1669-98 AD). It is constructed on total 16 pillars. Here, tourists can witness the beauty of carvings of birds, Hindu Gods and Goddess, and yes peacocks.

Bhandasar Jain Temple

It is considered among the two most popular temples for Jain community in Bikaner. Bhandasar Jain temple is devoted to 6th sacred Jain Tirthankara Sumatinath. This three-storied structure was constructed during 15th of century. This sacred shrine is a fine example of Rajputana architecture and design. Massive halls, decorated ceilings, gold leaf amazing walls, and marble pillars make this shrine a great example of beauty and sacredness. The major attraction of this Jain temple is the mirror work. So, if you are looking for the peace of mind, you must visit at this one of the most visited tourist places in Bikaner.

Lalgarh Palace & Museum

When it comes to visiting top tourist places in Bikaner, importance of Lalgarh Palace and Museum can’t be underestimated. It is certainly a great architectural delight in the city. Maharaja Ganga Singh constructed this giant palace in Bikaner in early 20th of century. Now, this historical palace functions as a heritage hotel in Bikaner. So, if you are looking for luxury hotels in Rajasthan, you should look nowhere else but Lalgarh Palace. There is also an indoor swimming pool at this grand heritage hotel in Bikaner. Tourists may also see Terracotta armors and wares and miniature paintings here. If you love reading mysterious ancient books, there is a library that houses a great assortment of Sanskrit Manuscripts basically written on copper, plaques of silver, parchments, and gold. These amazing artifacts belong to Gupta, Kushan age and Harappan civilization.

Other Tourist Places to Visit in Bikaner

  • Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kote Gate
  • Kodamdeshwar temple
  • Shiv Bari temple
  • Shri Laxminath Temple
  • Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum
  • Prachina Museum
  • Bhandeshwari Jain Temple
  • Sadul Singh Museum
  • Old city
  • Abhivyakti
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