Bhubaneswar is considered among the best tourist cities in India. It is basically famous as a domestic tourist place to explore, but international visitors too can be seen here exploring the tourist attractions in the city. If you are looking for top tourist places to visit in Odisha, you should not forget visiting at Bhubaneswar. It is known for different types of tourist places, historical buildings and attractions. If you want to visit at this tourist city in India, you can visit here throughout the year. But visiting during October to March is considered as the best time to visit in Bhubaneswar. Are you still confused? If yes, then you should check out stated below top tourist places to explore in Bhubaneswar.

Lingaraj Temple

Whether you want to visit a remote Indian village or a metro city, you always find temples in India as the best tourist attraction to see. One of the major attractions at any of Indian cities is ancient temples. The same can also be witnessed when it comes to exploring top tourist places to visit in Bhubaneswar. Lingaraj Temple is the main tourist attraction in the city. This ancient Hindu worship building is situated at the main location in the city. It is considered as the largest temple in the town. The Lingaraj temple is devoted to Lord Harihara. If you want to unveil the architectural value of an ancient Hindu temple, you should visit here.

Lingraj Temple, Bhubaneswar

Lingraj Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha | By Nitun007 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nandankanan Zoo

This popular zoo in the city is situated in the famous Chandaka jungle. Nandankanan zoo is positioned at the bank of Lake Kanjia. If you have unveiling the world of wildlife, you must visit at Nandankanan zoo at Bhubaneswar. There are more than 68 types of mammals, 80 species of birds and about 20 varieties of reptiles found. Visitors or tourists can see crocodiles, panthers, bore, and yes white tigers.

Nandankanan Wildlife

Nandankanan Wildlife | By User:Anubhav Sarangi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa

Peace Pagoda or popularly called Dhauli Giri Shanti Stupa is a famous Buddhist building situated in Bhubaneswar city. Kalinga Nippon Buddha Association or Sangh and Japan Buddha Association built this sacred pagoda in the year of 1972. This sacred structure is located on the opposite mountain of famous Dhauli giri. This Buddhist structure in Bhubaneswar city is a fine example of Indo-Japanese architecture and building design.


It is a fact that ISKCON temples can be found in various cities throughout the country. If you are going to see tourist places in Bhubaneswar, you shouldn’t forget visiting at ISKCON temple in Bhubaneswar. The sacred worship place is devoted to Lord Krishna, Goddess Radha and other deities such as Gaura Nithal, Jagannath, Subhadra, and yes Balram. The main objective behind establishing this Krishna temple in Bhubaneswar city is to spread spiritual education, knowledge and discourses.

Udayagri & Khandagiri Caves

However, there are various tourist places to visit in Bhubaneswar, but the most distinct one is famous Udayagir and Khandagiri caves. These caves are situated on the hills with same names. One of the most significant points about the caves is that it was mentioned in sacred Hathigumpha inscription as Kumari Parvat or mountain. There are two ancient caves, which are situated opposite each other. When it comes to visiting top tourist places or tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar, importance of visiting at Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves can’t be neglected.

Udayagiri Caves From Khandagiri Hill

Udayagiri Caves From Khandagiri Hill | By Balajijagadesh (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Ram Mandir or Temple

Bhubaneswar city is also famous for its ancient Ram Mandir or temple. It is devoted to Lord Rama, goddess Sita and Lord Lakshana. It is considered among the most beautiful mountain temples in India. The main attraction of this temple is mesmerizing idols of different Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Mukteswara Temple

Mukteswara temple is another striking tourist attraction in Bhubaneswar city. It was constructed in the year of 950 AD. The sacred Hindu temple houses various sculptured gates, decorated interiors, diamond shaped windows, and a great number of sacred carvings. Mukteswara Temple is devoted to Hindu God Lord Shiva. If you want to grab blessings of God, you should visit during Mahashivratri at this temple. Certainly, it is among the most sacred temples in Bhubaneswar.

Nicco Park, Bhubaneswar

It is a famous amusement park in Bhubaneswar city. Nicco Park was established by the official collaboration of BDA and Nicco in the year of 1997. The park offers a grand open space with a mesmerizing artificial lake that runs in the middle of the park. If you are looking for family picnic spot in Bhubaneswar, you shouldn’t forget visiting at this amusement park in the city.

Raj Rani Temple

Raj Rani Mandir or temple is considered among the most visited tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar city. This 11th century Hindu temple is known for its sacred sculpted figures. The best part of this temple is its spire that simply resembles the famous temples of Khajuraho. If you want to unveil the architectural beauty, you should unveil the beauty of this sacred Hindu worship place.

Odisha State Museum

When it comes to visiting at the top tourist places in Bhubaneswar city, importance of Odisha State Museum can’t be underestimated. At the main entrance, tourists can witness the beauty of two statues of Odissi dancers. Tourists can also see archaeological objects, organic history objects, craft, and art in the museum. Visitors may also unveil the mystical history of various Bronze Age equipments and stone sculptures at this museum. Odisha State Museum was founded in the year of 1948 by famous NC Banerjee. So, you should not forget visiting at this one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar.

Dhauli Giri, Bhubaneswar

It is the place where famous Kalinga war was done. There are lots of mesmerizing things to witness of the age of Mourya and Ashoka dynasties. This hill is situated at the banks of famous river Daya in Bhubaneswar.

Biju Patnaik Park

This outstanding park is situated nearby United Nations and famous British Government’s DFID establishments. Biju Patnaik Park in Bhubaneswar is devoted to former chief minister of the state called Biju Patnaik. The park covers an area of about 7 acres.

Swargadwar Beach

This mesmerizing beach is situated in Puri. Swargadwar Beach is located only 2km far from world-famous Jagannath temple. It is considered among the most visited tourist places in the city. If you want to spend great time with family and friends, this beach can be a final choice to go with.

Pathani Samanta Planetarium

The main objective behind setting up Pathani Samanta Planetarium is to make individuals aware of astronomy, space science and yes astrophysics. It is also for making people aware of environment. If you want to see regular shows regarding space world, you should visit at this top tourist attraction in Bhubaneswar.

Museum of Tribal Art & Artifacts

The main motto behind establishing the Museum of Tribal Art and Artifacts is to highlight the importance of tribal life in Odisha state. Tourists can see primitive murals, ancient jewelry and other traditional costumes at this museum in the city.

Other Tourist Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar

  • Indira Gandhi Park
  • Sisupalgarh, Bhubaneswar
  • Ekamra Kanan
  • Satkosia Tiger Reserve
  • Hirapur Village
  • Kedareshwar Temple
  • Bindu Sarovara & Ocean Drop Tank
  • Biju Patnaik International Airport
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