There could be different types of tourist attractions available in India – from historical places to historical monuments. But most of the domestic as well as international visitors don’t miss the opportunity to witness the amazing beauty of Taj Mahal. It is found that Taj Mahal in Agra is considered among the most visited tourist attractions in India. However, it is true that Agra is known for Taj Mahal, but it doesn’t mean that it is the only tourist attraction in the city. But there are a few other tourist attractions available in Agra city to lure domestic as well as international tourists. Agra Fort is such an interesting historical structure in the city. If you choose same day Agra tour, you can be able to visit top tourist attractions in Agra such as Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

A full view of Agra Fort, UP, India.

What Is the History of Agra Fort?

Agra Fort is considered among the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. It is situated in Agra district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It was used as the royal residence for the Mughal Kings. It’s located only 2.5km far from world famous Taj Mahal. From Akbar to Aurangzeb lived here to enjoy a great life. However, most of the Mughal kings visit the city, but Shah Jahan had special emotional touch for the city. The fort is known for its amazing architecture, historical values and yes existing mysteries of a forgotten civilization.

Where Agra Fort Is Situated?

Agra Fort is situated at the right bank of famous Yamuna River in district Agra, UP, India. Since it is only two and half kilometers far from Taj Mahal, visitors who visit Taj also love visiting this amazing Mughal fort.

Who Constructed the Agra Fort?

One of the most visited tourist structures in Agra called Agra fort is a fine example of Islamic, Mughal and Indian architecture. The robust structure is situated at the bank of local river Yamuna. Agra Fort was built by the Mughal King Akbar. However, there was already a structure available. It is said that Emperor Akbar got the fort constructed on the remains of a historical site called Badalgarh. Agra saw its glory when Sikandar Lodi (1487 to 1517), the first King of Delhi who moved his capital from existing Delhi to an unknown city called Agra. After Sikandar Lodi, his son Ibrahim Lodi ruled the fort till he was killed in the famous battle of Panipat during 1526. During the Lodi dynasty, there were several mosques, wells and other important structures were built.

How Mughal Emperors Captured the Agra Fort

Humayun was sent by his father king Akbar to defeat the then king of Agra. This is the fort where Humayun was crowned in 1530. However, Humayun occupied the fort very easily, but he couldn’t manage to retain it with him. Humayun was badly defeated by Sher Shah Suri in 1540. But in 1558, Akbar reached to Agra to grab all the properties. He ordered to renovate the ancient fort. Around 4000 workers worked hard daily to renovate the fort. It took around 8 years.

Marble window in the Khas Mahal (Marble Pavillon), Red Fort of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, UNESCO World Heritage Site


Agra Fort – Design, Architecture and Art

The ancient fort is considered among the top historical structures with great art, architecture and design. It is a semi-circular structure and surrounded by about 21.4 meter high great fortification walls. Visitors can easily witness the beauty of double ramparts. Moreover, wide incredible circular bastions at the structure give it an outstanding appearance. Tourists can easily notice four gates at the structures. One of the key gates is known as Khizri gate or the water area gate. This gate opens to the main river Yamuna. There are around two dozens of monuments available in the fort. There are total three white marble religious structures i.e. mosques in the area. These mosques are called Mina Masjid, Nagina Masjid and yes Moti Masjid.

What Are the Nearby Tourist Attractions?

Apart from Agra Fort, there are various other historical structures, buildings and monuments in Agra city to visit. Some of the other tourist attractions are including Taj Mahal; Itimad-ud-daulah’s mesmerizing tomb, Akbar’s tomb, Fatehpur Sikri, and various others. So, if you want to enjoy same day tour in Agra, you should not forget visiting aforementioned tourist attractions.

Taj Mahal view from Musamman Burj. Taj Mahal is just 2.5 Km away from Agra Fort.

Best Time to Visit Agra Fort

However, tourists can visit this ancient fort throughout the day, but yes, from February to March is considered as the best time to go Agra. If you are looking for a same-day Agra tour, you should not forget visiting this historical fort. However, the fort can be visited throughout the year, but if you are an international tourist, you should avoid visiting during May/June as it could be really tough to cope with scotching heat.

How to Reach Agra Fort

Since Agra city is considered among the most visited tourist destinations in India, it is well connected with rest of country through railway network, roads and airways.

How to Reach Agra Fort by Road

Domestic visitors can take buses or cars to visit Agra city. However, if you are an international visitor or tourist, you first need to hire a tourist taxi or car from Delhi. Remember Agra and Delhi is well-connected with each other through roads.

By Train

You can easily find out train to Agra from any part of the country. If you are a global visitor, you can easily find out a direct train from Delhi to Agra.

By Air

Lucknow and Kanpur airports are considered as the nearest airports for domestic visitors or tourists. If you are an international tourist, you can easily find out a direct flight from Delhi to Agra.

Entry Fee/Charges for Agra Fort

  • Indian visitors or domestic tourists need to pay only INR 40.
  • Moreover, children below the age of 15 years don’t need to buy entry ticket.
  • Visitors from BIMSTEC and SAARC nations need to pay INR 80 per individual.
  • International tourists from other nations need to pay INR 550 per entry.

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